Solutions that work

 From source to storage, treatment, pumping and conveyance systems, Cook Coggin provides solutions that work. We do this by employing proven scientific and engineering principles. We also keep abreast of ever-changing technology developments and regulatory requirements. Since our inception, Cook Coggin has worked closely with our utility clients to meet their needs, whether it involves potable water, wastewater or stormwater. Our experienced team of environmental engineers has the knowledge, skills, tools, and relationships to help you accomplish your goals.

Meeting financial challenges

We know that securing financing to meet the demands of utility infrastructure growth and regulations is usually a challenge for our clients. Cook Coggin can assist you in projecting development costs, evaluating your rate structures and developing economic scenarios which may solve your financial challenges.

  • Water supply, treatment, storage, and distribution
  • Wastewater collection, transportation and treatment
  • Instrumentation and control systems
  • Stormwater permitting
  • Consumer rate analyses
  • System valuation
  • Operations and management assistance